Wildlife Companions operates a retirement facility to provide a home for performing big cats to live out their older years. The facility is specifically focused on tigers, but equipped to handle most species of non-domestic felines.  We plan our lives in preparation for retirement. Wildlife Companions is that retirement plan for performing animals.  Taking the mystery out of retirement planning offers a simplified, bottom-line approach to figuring out just how to support your animals. Our solution allows our clients to take a proactive approach to budget and plan for the inevitable.

In addition to our mission to provide a den and roaming space for every member of our feline family, retired or rescued, Wildlife Companions has a number of goals in regards to education. As stated in our formal documents, these objectives are:

  • To provide educational programs where children and young adults can learn about wildlife either through visits to the refuge or by bringing the educational programs to the schools.
  • To establish educational programs that can be transported to schools, city or county recreational centers, or or other locations where such wildlife education is needed or wanted.
  • To sponsor public events and publish educational materials with the intent of increasing the public awareness of the needs of wildlife in the wild and in captivity.

We hope you'll join and help us on our journey to spread the word about these majestic animals in need.